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High Technology:

Many Corporations and consumers are relying more seriously than ever on technology to achieve commercial and personal goals. This has made high-tech products and services crucial, yet more commoditized. Short product lifecycles have become even stronger, with swift innovation driving dynamic change, contributing to a market characterized by a solid flow of new entrants, and consolidation of existing players. Within this dynamic environment, IG helps many clients address challenges and opportunities by working with them to find the answers.

IG?s dedicated team works globally with clients in all areas of the fast developing high-tech industry, across all areas of the assessment sequence and in all phases of the product lifecycle. IG' high tech division influences its capabilities and expertise in engineering, business process renovation, infrastructure services and IT solutions to deliver end to end solutions.

Research and Development:

IG also invests extensively in conducting primary research and developing principal boundary industry approaches. Like other companies IG give focus on high technology sector which requires constant and severe innovative activities as well as large research and development investments.

Most of the previous studies of the high technology sector have focused on the issues related to methodology of measuring the research and development activities and its results, structure and sources of financing, institutional solutions and inspiring the scientific and technological advancement as well as on the issues of technological expansion in a wider perspective of innovativeness.

How IG delivers business value:

Today's high-growth industries such as the aerospace, semiconductor, biotechnology, software and engineering fields play an significant role globally in every business enterprises, that is why IG is always working with high tech clients all over the world to create better, faster, reliable and feasible results that stuff by concentrates on major challenges in three types of areas:

o Business renovation
o Product improvement and
o Competent operations

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