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Application Outsourcing for OpenSource

Infolect Group (IG) offers wide range of OpenSource application outsourcing services to help ensure that SME remains on their IT budget to improve your business.

Infolect Group (IG) is an experienced and expert systems integrator for premier Open Source ERP/CRM business solutions including OpenERP, OfBiz Compiere and Adempiere.

Businesses of all sizes embrace open source software and the benefits it can bring. Sometimes, though, choosing proprietary software makes better business sense. Here are seven scenarios when it pays to pay for your software.

What IG Does:

Open source software can have a major impact on your entire organization. There are several advantages of using open source software. The following are a list of the advantages of opting for open source software.

1. Lesser Hardware Costs
Since Linux and open source solutions are easily portable and compressed, it takes lesser hardware power to carry out the same tasks when compared to the hardware power it takes on servers, such as, Solaris, Windows or workstations. With this less hardware power advantage, you can even use cheaper or older hardware and still get the desired results.

2. High-Quality Software
Open source software is mostly high-quality software. When you use the open source software, the source code is available. Most open source software are well-designed. Open source software can also be efficiently used in coding. These reasons make open source software an ideal choice for organizations.

3. No Vendor Lock-In
IT managers in organizations face constant frustration when dealing with vendor lock-ins'. Lack of portability, expensive license fees and inability to customize software are some of the other disadvantages. Using open source software gives you more freedom and you can effectively address all these disadvantages.

4. Integrated Management
By using open source software, you can benefit from integrated management. Open source software uses technologies, such as, common information model (CIM) and web based enterprise management (WBEM). These high-end technologies enable you to integrate and combine server, application, service and workstation management. This integration would result in efficient administration.

5. Simple License Management
When you use open source software, you would no longer need to worry about licenses. Open source software enables you to install it several times and also use it from any location. You will be free from monitoring, tracking or counting license compliance.

6. Lower Software Costs
Using open source software can help you minimize your expenses. You can save on licensing fees and maintenance fees. The only expenses that you would encounter would be expenditure for documentation, media and support.

You will get ample support when you use open source software. Open source support is mostly freely available and can be easily accessed through online communities. There are also many software companies that provide free online help and also varied levels of paid support. Most organization who create open source software solutions also provide maintenance and support.

8. Scaling and Consolidating
Linux and open source software can be easily scaled. With varied options for clustering, load balancing and open source applications, such as email and database, you can enable your organization to either scale up and achieve higher growth or consolidate and achieve more with less.

Outsourcing Open Source Software Development Services to Infolect Group (IG)

At Infolect Group (IG), we can provide you with the perfect open source software solution that effectively meets the requirements of your organization. We can help you assess, design and develop an open source solution that is customized for your organization. Outsource to Infolect Group (IG) and get access to professional, cost-effective and high-quality services.

Outsource open source software development to Infolect Group (IG) and give your organization a competitive edge!

IG Provide:

From a business perspective the purchase cost of software is only one factor; total cost of ownership (TCO) is what really matters. Other things being equal, the solution with lowest TCO is usually the most desirable one. Arguments in favour of low TCO for open source software include:

• Possibly zero purchase price
• Potentially no need to account for copies in use, reducing administrative overhead
• Claimed reduced need for regular upgrades (giving lower/nil upgrade fees, lower management costs)
• Claimed longer uptimes and reduced need for expensive systems administrators
• Near-zero vulnerability to viruses eliminating need for virus checking, data loss and downtime
• Claimed lower vulnerability to security breaches and hack attacks reducing systems administration load
• Claimed ability to prolong life of older hardware while retaining performance

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