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Application Outsourcing for SAP

Infolect Group (IG) offers a full suite of application outsourcing services to help ensure that SAP remains your most valuable business tool.

SAP has become a key business tool for organizations the world over. However, the challenge of maintaining these investments and incorporating new technology such as SAP NetWeaver is very real, especially given the industry-wide shortage of SAP skills. Even more daunting: IT departments must continue to meet the business’s requirements for quality, predictability and responsiveness.

What IG Does:

There is a solution: SAP Application Outsourcing from Infolect Group (IG). Our suite of services includes application maintenance, production support, incremental enhancements, service management and release and configuration management. It can be tailored to meet your precise needs.

Our solution is backed by Infolect Group (IG)’s robust, comprehensive and proven SAP methodologies, along with an SAP estimating capability, supporting SAP tool suite, support processes and procedures and SAP-specific production-acceptance criteria.

Working with Infolect Group (IG), clients can increase productivity and quality as well as improve service execution and reliability on the path to achieving high performance. Specific, measurable benefits include:
• Up to 60 percent cost savings over three years.
• Up to 50 percent improvement in productivity for SAP development and support.

IG Provide:

Infolect Group (IG) helps clients achieve these benefits while consistently meeting critical service levels of 99 percent or greater thanks to improved application stability. In addition, Infolect Group (IG) gives clients the ability to adjust staffing volumes according to demand.

SAP NetWeaver The integration and application platform SAP NetWeaver utilizes Internet standards such as HTTP, XML and web services, and helps you bridge the gap between your business demands and your IT more expeditiously.

SAP NetWeaver PI (XI) enables SAP and non-SAP systems to communicate and exchange data with each other. As a result, you can also easily and quickly integrate your business partners’ data into your ongoing business processes.

SAP NetWeaver includes Business Intelligence functions. They bundle ongoing process information in your company in a central location and allow it to be depicted in clearly structured analyses.

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management consolidates and harmonizes your master data. This will save you time and money in monitoring your most valuable business information.

The SAP NetWeaver Portal provides your employees with all of the information they need to perform their daily assignments within their scope of responsibilities.

SAP NetWeaver synchronizes mobile clients with backend systems. This speeds up the collaborative processes between your office and field workforce.

The SAP NetWeaver Application Server supports platform-independent web services, business applications and standard developments, and is the basis for a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

NetWeaver can be extended with commonly used development tools such as the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Microsoft .NET, and IBM Web-Sphere.

Our Platform Outsourcing Offering:

Microsoft .Net more...
Oracle Java more...
SAP NetWeaver more...
Open Source more...
Smart Device and Cross Platform more...

Contact Us:

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