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Application Outsourcing for Oracle

Modernize your legacy systems to reduce risk, improve agility and lower costs: Infolect Group (IG) has the tools to help.

For many companies, Oracle has become an essential business tool. However, the challenge is to stay abreast of Oracle’s new releases every 12 to 18 months. This ongoing cycle of updating raises challenges for IT departments, from basic implementation, through change management and security—all while continuing to maintain support for the business’s ongoing development.

What IG Does:

Infolect Group (IG) offers a flexible Oracle Application Outsourcing solution and can tailor a suite of services—across any combination of Oracle applications, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Oracle Retail and JD Edwards—to meet your needs. And, by leveraging a global network of delivery centers, our solution is always up-to-date on Oracle’s latest products.

Our services include application maintenance, production support, small-scale enhancement, service management and release and configuration management. To help drive business benefits and, ultimately, high performance, Infolect Group (IG) offers a world-class set of Oracle skills, methodologies and tools developed over two decades.

By working with Infolect Group (IG), clients can achieve better quality and security, higher levels of availability and more reliable delivery. Specific, measurable benefits include:
• Reductions of up to 50 percent in annual application maintenance costs.
• Improvement in development and support productivity of up to 50 percent for Oracle and PeopleSoft applications and up to 30 percent for Siebel.

IG Provide:

Infolect Group (IG) helps clients achieve these benefits while consistently meeting critical service levels of 99 percent or greater thanks to improved application stability. In addition, Infolect Group (IG) gives clients the ability to adjust staffing volumes according to demand.

Our Platform Outsourcing Offering:

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